Wednesday, May 2, 2018

The bullshit job.

From the perspective of what anthropologist David Graeber calls the "bullshit job", I take this opportunity to relaunch Rendered Public specifically as a response to the question of meaning at work and through different angles that hope to re-inscribe in various terms, concepts and practices, work with value:  voluntary simplicity, effective altruism, mindfulness and meditation, the yoga economy among other such explorations to come. But to contain expectations a bit for both my reader and myself, I will return in Rendered Public to the original, now considered vintage, form of blogging here, that is NOT as a monetizing self-brand-building institution but rather as a web-log, a public diary over the web in short updates rather than the lofty essay-like formats of the past (with more than questionable results in terms of quality and frequency).    To end this first update, it's important to say that just because a job itself might be qualified as bullshit does not mean that all of our co-workers, those with whom we are engaged in bullshit, are themselves all jokers, liars and bull-shitters, but very often creativeintelligent and unique individuals, forming at times a community concerned and showing degrees of mutual care.  It is to this population of inspired women and men that Rendered Public pays tribute while forgiving the rest for their ignorance.